Ain't it SPi-V?

Since our initial demos of the SPi-V engine were launched, fieldOfView has been getting many requests for licensing the viewer. Unfortuantely, at the time the SPi-V engine consisted of a technical framework of reusable code only, and as such was not appropriate for use by 3rd parties. Since Aldo Hoeben attended the IQTVRA Summit in DC in oktober 2003, showcasing the SPi-V engine, a new version of the engine has been in development.

Building from the same technology showcased in the original tech-demos, this new version was created to seperate the code of our hardware accellerated viewing engine from the panoramic content. Using the new version, panoramic photographers will be able to create compelling panoramic content without having to learn how to author and code in Macromedia Director, but still enable them to use the full potential of hardware accelerated panorama viewing through the robust, cross platform Shockwave technologies developed by Macromedia and Intel.

Our own ambitious goals for the engine were fueled by years of developping panoramic content with other panoramic display technologies, as well as requests from the panoramic photography community. In early april, a private beta test was started, and is continuing to this day. The SPi-V engine is starting to mature and is ready for a sneak preview at selected events.

Panotools Meeting 2004, july 9th - 11th

The PanoTools Meeting in Stuttgart, Germany, is the second annual meeting of users of Helmut Dersch' excellent PanoTools package, and the many tools the community and 3rd party developers have contributed. fieldOfView uses the same tools in their panoramic workflow, and is proud to participate in the event

On juli 10th, Aldo will kick of the Ain't it SPi-V? tour with a presentation of what the SPi-V engine can do for panoramic photographers

Verdraaid - Panoramic Print Exhibition, august 1st - august 30th

In april, a selection of our panoramic prints was exhibited at Galerie In de Weg. This exhibition will continue in august and september. During the exhibition, there will be a number of times Aldo Hoeben will be present to explain his work, as well as a presentation on his print and interactive work.

On august 8th, at 20:00 Aldo Hoeben will do a presentation of his work, including the latest developments of the SPi-V engine.

Photokina 2004, september september 28th - oktober 3rd

From the Photokina website:

Every two years some 160,000 visitors from 140 countries attend photokina to fact-find the entire range of products and services in modern image communication. Dealers, professional end-users and private enthusiats as well as opinion leaders take advantage of this unique communication platform to discover the latest products and trends.

fieldOfView will be present at the IQTVRA stand thursday and friday presenting SPi-V and panoramic imaging projects. On saturday october 2nd, The IQTVRA is hosting a panoramic imaging workshop and Aldo Hoeben will do a presention of the SPi-V engine. See the IQTVRA Photokina website for more details.

Watch out for a special Photokina announcement on Saturdat october 2nd!

IQTVRA Summit in Sedona, october 25th - 29th

From the Summit in Sedona website:

The Summit in Sedona is the premiere event for anyone creating interactive immersive environments. The 3-day conference and 2-day workshops will include hands-on instruction with some of the latest software and hardware including: photography, image editing, VR authoring, interactivity, audio, and video. Join us for an optional day on Saturday, October 30 for a Jeep adventure into the back-country exploring Sedona’ five vortex’s.

At the Summit, Aldo will have 3 presentations as well as a workshop on how to use SPi-V to create compelling panoramic content. For a full schedule, please visit the Summit site