Worldwide Panorama '04

On Saturday, March 20, more than 170 photographers in 39 countries around the world created panoramas for a special project.

From the World Wide Panorama project website:

Virtual reality photography (QTVR and similar) has been around for about nine years now. Collectively we have published tens of thousands of wonderful images on web sites. Yet I am constantly meeting people who have never seen a VR panorama before. They are always impressed with what I show them, often wildly enthusiastic.

So we need to get the word out - this is important work! Immersive imagery is virtual travel, real geography, genuine art, and great entertainment. It is a glimpse into other people's lives, a look around in places we have never been and may never go. It can be unique personal views of the world or dispassionate photojournalism. It deserves to be seen by more people.

The World Wide Panorama event was a huge succes, even though the weather in most of Europe was very disapointing. Aldo Hoeben decided to do what many dutch families do when their day out is threatened by the weather and headed to a Zoo. The Burger's Zoo in Arnhem provided a nice location for a panorama of an intimate scene of a child sitting down at the water, with its grandparents looking on proudly.

The resulting panorama, aptly titled 'Where manchild comes to drink' is now available in Quicktime format on the WWP site, together with many, many more panoramas, shot by many of the finest panoramic photographers in the world.

Alternatively, you can view the panorama using our SPi-V engine and experience its silky-smooth fullscreen playback (Macromedia Shockwave required).

A last option would be to view a serene still image generated from the panorama.