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Flickr Tools

Flickr is a popular social photosharing site (more about Flickr). On Flickr, photographers from all over the world archive and share pictures with friends and family, or with the internet at large.

The SPi-V for Flickr tools allow Flickr users to show their images directly in SPi-V, offering the engine's high fidelity, smooth display of interactive panoramic images, as well as normal images.

How to use

In it's simplest form, SPi-V for Flickr shows the latest image posted by any user which has been 'tagged' or marked to be equirectangular*:

Once the image has loaded, you can look around inside the image.

In the top left corner there is a link to show up to 10 more images that have also been tagged 'equirectangular'.

*: equirectangular is a projection type for spherical images. Flickr has a group of users who post 360x180 degree images in this format.

Opening specific images and streams

The SPi-V for Flickr tool can take a path to a page on to show specific photos and/or streams:[name]
Show 10 pictures tagged "equirectangular" by a Flickr user (example link uses sbprzd).
Path to normal Flickr page:[name], eg[name]/[photoid]
Same as above, starting with the specified image.
Path to normal Flickr page:[name]/[photoid], eg[name]/[photoid]&tags=[taglist]
Same as above, showing pictures tagged with [tag].[groupname]/pool
Shows latest 10 images from the specified group pool.
Path to normal Flickr page:[groupname]/pool, eg


You can easily convert a page url on Flickr to be displayed in the SPi-V viewer even if the Flickr user has not added a link to the viewer using the 'SPi-V for Flickr' bookmarklet.

SPi-V for Flickr

Drag and drop the link above to your browser 'Links' bar or 'Bookmarks' bar. When viewing a page on, you can now view the image(s) of the page in SPi-V at the click of a button.

Opening the link from this page will not do much good.* Instead, navigate to a photo page, a user stream, or a group pool, and press the link from there...

*: Even on Flickr, only certain types of pages are supported. The bookmarklet does not yet check for these pages. Supported pages include:

  • (
  • ([username]
  • ([username]/[photo]
  • ([username]/tags/[taglist]
  • ([groupname]/pool