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For the latest developments of the SPi-V engine, be sure to check out SPi-V dev regularly!

Live panoramablogging @ Photokina 2006

September 23rd, 2006

Aldo Hoeben will join fellow IVRPA members to show the largest photo tradeshow in the world in interactive panoramas.

The IVRPA Photokina website is built on the foundations of the main IVRPA website, developed by fieldOfView.

Visit the IVRPA Photokina panoblog

Panorama installations at the 'Nacht van het Licht'

September 16th, 2006

fieldOfView participated the 'Nacht van het Licht', a spectacular art event in the oldest city park of the Netherlands, with two panorama installations built especially for the event.

The one-night, open air event attracted over 2000 spectators.

Visit the Nacht van het Licht website (dutch)

Sziget 2006

August 16th, 2006

For the second year, Aldo Hoeben joined fellow photographer Andras Frenyo shooting panoramas at the Sziget festival, one of the major European pop festivals

Visit Sziget 2006

The Panorama Fenomenon; 125 years of Panorama Mesdag

August 2nd, 2006

This year marks the 125th anniversary of the Panorama Mesdag. In celebration of this event, a special exhibition on painted panoramas is held in the Panorama Mesdag museum.

Aldo Hoeben participates in this exhibition with two installations, and writes a chapter about panoramic photography in the catalogue

Visit Panorama Mesdag

IVRPA announces new website and identity

July 31st, 2006

The IVRPA is proud to announce its new identity and a public beta of its new website.

fieldOfView was instrumental in the development of the new website.

Visit the IVRPA website.

Domus d'Autore AMO/Rem Koolhaas

May 30th, 2006

As part of the Festa per l’architettura, Domus presented a special issue authored by Rem Koolhaas. To illustrate his work, the brilliant Dutch architect has chosen to analyse four of his recent buildings in the light of everyday experience, examining the way they are used rather than their form.

The buildings were photographed by Iwan Baan, in both conventional shots and 4 series of interactive panoramas, delivered using a special version of SPi-V.

Visit the DOMUS special

REALVIZ VTour and SPi-V 3d

May 26th, 2006

REALVIZ and fieldOfView announce the immediate availability of VTour 1.0.2, bridging its panoramic imaging and image based modeling applications.

The resulting 3d scenes can be presented interactively with SPi-V 3d, an extension to the SPi-V panorama viewing engine especially geared towards the VTour output.

Read press release
REALVIZ VTour product page

Aldo Hoeben joins IVRPA Board of Directors

Februari 20th, 2006

The International VR Photography Association is a group of more than 300 VR photographers around the world, including both professionals and enthusiasts.

By joining the Board of Directors, Aldo Hoeben emphasizes his involvement in the international panorama community.

VRMag features update on SPi-V

Februari 10th, 2006

A year after VRMag first covered the SPi-V engine, they did a followup article on the SPi-V engine. From the article:

It was just over a year ago that Aldo Hoeben released the SPi-V Engine with the goal of creating the best viewer for panoramas. It was quite the draw at the IQTVRA Summit in Sedona that year and had panographers waxing prophetic, to wit: “[SPi-V] will revolutionize the field of VR Photography”

Read the full article...

SPi-V 1.3 is now available!

December 23rd, 2005

Just over a year after launching SPi-V 1.0, fieldOfView's Shockwave Panorama Viewer engine gets its biggest update yet.

fieldOfView proudly announces the public availability of SPi-V 1.3, including important fixes and many new features. The update is free for all current SPi-V licensees.

See what's new and improved...

fieldOfView acquires domain

December 5th, 2005

fieldOfView is proud to announce the acquisition of the domain. The acquisition marks fieldOfView's commitment in the international field of panoramic photography.

At the same time, fieldOfView is officially assimilating parent company studioPKO. The studioPKO brand and name will disappear over the next few months.

Celebrating SPi-V's first anniversary

November 22nd, 2005

Today marks the one year anniversary of the public availability of SPi-V. In november 2004, SPi-V was the first publically available, cross platform, hardware accelerated panoramic viewing engine. With an extensive update around the corner, fieldOfView hopes to prolong its creative leadership in the awakening panoramic industry.

To celebrate the event, fieldOfView is giving away free domain licenses to registered SPi-V content developers during a one hour give away. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Read more at SPi-V dev

'Van 4 kanten' panoramic print exhibition

November 6th, 2005

In the months of november, december and januari, Galerie in de Weg in Dordrecht is showing the exhibition 'van 4 kanten, panoramic photography', a number of panoramic prints by Aldo Hoeben.

Read more about the exhibition

Sziget 2005 festival panoramas

August 17th, 2005

The Sziget 2005 festival was held on from August 10 to 17, hosting over 700 bands on 60 venues on a Danube island in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. fieldOfView contributed to the panoramic photography and web presence of the Sziget 2005 festival media farm.

The website offers SPi-V as an alternative to Apple's Quicktime VR, combining a prerelease version of the upcoming SPi-V 1.3 with the server-side QuicktimeVR parser script.

Visit the Sziget 2005 site
Read more about the event at VRMag

Panoramic prints win price at Oostende Kite Expo 2005

May 15th, 2005

A selection of the print gallery was displayed at the Oostende International Kite Festival 2005 in Belgium. The prints, showing refreshing perspectives on a number of different kite festivals, won Aldo Hoeben a price for best contribution to the kite expo.

See kite festival panoramas

Fraunhofer FIRST picks fieldOfView images to demo display technology

March 9th, 2005

At cebit 2005, Europe's biggest consumer electronics show hosted yearly in Hannover, the Fraunhofer Institut is showcasing - among other innovations - a cylindrical screen technology. fieldOfView is proud to announce the Fraunhofer Institut is using panoramic images from the fullscreen gallery, along with video and VR presentations to showcase their display technology.

Learn more @ Fraunhofer FIRST, or visit their booth at Cebit 2005.

'Eye Catchers' in Panorama Mesdag

February 19th, 2005

The Panorama Mesdag museum in The Haque is hosting an exhibition of prints by members of the IVRPA (International VR Photographers Assiciation, formerly IQTVRA). The exhibition, entitled 'Eye Catchers', features 4 prints by Aldo Hoeben and the hyperbolic projection of the 'Windmills near Kinderdijk' was chosen to represent the exhibition to the public.

Visit the Eye Catchers exhibition in Panorama Mesdag

VRMag features SPi-V

January 21st, 2005

SPi-V was met with great enthusiasm at the IQTVRA Summit in Sedona. As a result, the 18th issue of the VRMag eZine features both an article about SPi-V and an interview with its creator, Aldo Hoeben.

Landis Bennett, one of the World Wide Panorama organizers and a Summit attendee, found SPi-V to be “an extremely powerful panorama viewer that I believe will revolutionize the field of VR Photography. The smooth panning and gentle stops really amaze with this viewer. But a smooth viewing of a panorama isn't the only thing, Aldo continues to come up with new and innovative things to do with SPi-V.”

Read the VRMag article about SPi-V
Read the interview with Aldo Hoeben

'Delft Outlook' article

November 22nd, 2004

In october last year, the 'Delft Integraal' featured an article about Aldo Hoeben and his panoramic work. The article has been translated and is now distributed in the english version of the same scientific magazine called the 'Delft Outlook'.


SPi-V is now available

November 22nd, 2004

fieldOfView is very proud to announce the release and public availability of SPi-V, fieldOfView's hardware accelerated panoramic viewing engine based on Macromedia's acclaimed Shockwave technology.

Attendees of the IQTVRA Summit in Sedona got the premiere as SPi-V was presented, along with a host of exciting new demo content. Response was tremendous, and attendees were quick to dig in to the SPi-V dev site for content developers.

The engine is now available for licensing.


'Delft Integraal' features panoramic work by Aldo Hoeben

October 6th, 2004

The research magazine of the Delft University of Technology, the Delft Integraal, features a 5 page article showcasing panoramic projections and research about the interactive display of panoramic images.

The article, titled "Modern Mesdag puts the world inside a computer" compares classic panoramic paintings like the Panorama Mesdag to modern panoramic photography.

Aldo Hoeben also provided the cover image of the 41.000 copy issue.

Read more (in Dutch)...

Announcing SPi-V

October 5th, 2004

In the wake of Photokina 2004, fieldOfView announced the anticipated first release of the SPi-V engine.

The SPi-V engine will be made publically available during the IQTVRA Summit in Sedona.



August 11th, 2004

While fieldOfView may seem to have been quiet lately, lots has been going on inside. The biggest news is that the new version of the SPi-V engine has gone into private beta testing. The engine is turning out very nice and has lots of features never seen before! Other things we have been working on include a major update and a MacOSX version of our Fisheye Viewer.

Stay tuned, and in the mean time have a look at the updated fullscreen section...

2nd Panoramic  print exhibition

August 1st, 2004

In the month of August, galery in de Weg exhibits, for the second time, a series of printed panoramas.


Ain't it SPi-V?

July 8th, 2004

A new, licensable version of our SPi-V engine has been in development for about a year now. In a series of presentations, fieldOfView is showcasing the features and benefits of the SPi-V engine.


World Wide Heritage

July 7th, 2004

At the second installment of the World Wide Panorama event held around the summer solstice, more than 110 photographers worldwide made panoramas related to the UNESCO World Heritage list.


World Wide Panorama

April 13th, 2004

On Saturday, March 20, more than 170 photographers in 39 countries around the world created panoramas for a special project.

Eventhough the weather in the largest of western Europe didn't cooperate, fieldOfView contributed a serene scene to the project.


Panoramic print exibition

April 4th, 2004

On sunday april 4th, our first panoramic print exhibition opened in 'Galerie in de Weg' in Dordrecht.

The exhibition runs through may 2nd.


Royal funeral in Delft

March 31st, 2004

On march 30st 2004, her Royal Majesty Queen Juliana, Queen Mother of the Netherlands, was buried in Delft.

Aldo Hoeben was present in Delft near the New Church, and made a highres panoramic photograph of the people anticipating the arrival of the solemn funeral procession.


featured @ Macromedia

March 2nd, 2004

Macromedia officially anounced and released Director MX 2004 in februari. The newly released Director 2004 shows Macromedia's continued commitment to Director, ensuring the future of our Shockwave based technologies.

In exchange for an article featuring some of the technology behind our SPi-V panoramic demos, we got early access to the new Director version. This article is now available at the Macromedia DevNet website, Macromedia's official developers center.

The article @ Macromedia Devnet
Macromedia Director MX 2004

SPi-V presented at the IQTVRA summit in DC

October 11th, 2003

Summit in DCfieldOfView was invited to speak at the IQTVRA Summit in DC, an anual conference sponsored by the International QuickTime VR Association.

During the three day event Aldo Hoeben had a session on the exciting new techniques for immersive imaging offered by Macromedia Shockwave and the SPi-V engine, expanding the possibilities for panoramic photographers.

The SPi-V engine was met with great enthusiasm, and the summit provided a chance to discuss the direction of fieldOfView and the SPi-V engine with many industry leaders and pioneers in the field of panoramic imaging. More to follow soon!

Summit in DC
Review of the summit @ VRMag

Free tool: Fisheye Viewer (public beta)

May 22nd, 2003

The Fisheye Viewer is a free tool for quickly reviewing or inspecting single fisheye shots.

While panorama photographers may get used to looking through fisheye lenses, the Fisheye Viewer is ideal for those who do not regularly 'read' these distorted images. The viewer can offer a client at a panorama shoot an almost instant impression of what the final panorama will be like and what will and wont be visible in the panorama.


Experience the Space Needle

February 28th, 2003

A new spiffy demo is available on the SPi-V page.

In the Space Needle demo, you will experience the breathtaking view over downtown Seattle and the Puget Sound bay, hovering 180 meters above the ground outside Seattle's main landmark since the 1962 World's Fair.

The demo combines a panoramic view taken from the Space Needle itself with realtime 3d graphics. Notice the subtle lighting on the Space Needle's geometry matching the impressive view of its environment.

SPi-V gets positive feedback from developer communities.

December 2002

Even though there are extensive solutions for delivering panoramic images, we think that with the current state of technology, more should be possible. SPi-V (short for Shockwave Panorama Viewer, and pronounced 'spiffy') is our panoramic viewer engine.

Based Macromedia's Shockwave 3D, SPi-V builds on a solid and extensible multimedia core. With the underlying 3d technology under active development at Macromedia and Intel, this gives us time to focus on the panoramic experience.

"Your avatar samples were passed around here and we think your Shockwave work is great!"
-Bob Tartar, Macromedia Director Developer Relations

"For me, that piece is groundbreaking!"

Our initial demos for SPi-V received a warm welcome with developers both from the panoramic- and web-3d community. Though at the moment SPi-V is available only as part of panoramic projects for our clients, we plan to release a number of SPi-V based products to content developers. is open!

December 2002

December saw the introduction of The fieldOfView brand spun off from studioPKO, emphasizing our interest and commitment in panoramic imaging and immersive interactive media.

While studioPKO will remain as a company, all our panoramic and related activities will from now on be presented on

The site was launched silently to provide a home for some exciting demos of our enhanced panorama engine. It will grow steadilly in the coming month...