fieldOfView announces the release of SPi-V 1.3

Schiedam, December 23rd, 2005
For immediate release

fieldOfView is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of version 1.3 of the SPi-V engine. This new release of the Shockwave Panorama Viewer engine is the most significant update to the product yet. It includes fixes important image quality issues, as well as a host of new and improved features to unleash the full potential of the engine.

"When SPi-V 1.0 was first released just over a year ago, it was the first publically available, hardware accelerated panorama viewer, running on both Windows and Mac OS platforms. SPi-V was developed to provide the smoothest panorama experience possible, but it's true innovations lie beyond simply displaying panoramas. SPi-V let's photographers and content developers take panoramic imaging to the next level of engaging, interactive content." Aldo Hoeben, creator of the SPi-V engine, acknowledges that even though the strenght of SPi-V lies in these advanced features, displaying panoramas is what the engine does well and what it is popular for. The new release helps photographers customise the panorama experience for the end user.

Soon after the release of SPi-V 1.0, fieldOfView released an update to the engine to make it compatible with older versions of the Macromedia Shockwave plugin. Doing so, content deployed with SPi-V 1.1 could be enjoyed straight away by a much wider audience. SPi-V 1.2, the next big update, gave content developers the ability to use reusable bits of XML script to more easily spruce up their panoramic tours with the advanced branding and experience features available in SPi-V. SPi-V 1.3 continues this trend, making it easier for developers to deliver unique results at lower authoring cost, but adds many more enhancements and fixes. A comprehensive list of changes is available on the SPi-V dev website.

SPi-V 1.3 has been in public beta for an extensive period, ensuring its maturity. During this beta period, the engine was deployed on fieldOfView's popular fullscreen panorama gallery, as well as on the high profile Sziget 2005 Media Farm website reporting on Europe's biggest pop festival using fullscreen panoramic images. On the Sziget 2005 festival site, SPi-V is presented as an alternative to Apple's Quicktime VR, using on the fly conversion of Quicktime panoramas to SPi-V experiences.

SPi-V is available for licensing in both a free, branded version, and 4 different licensing 'flavours' to cater for a wide range of usage scenarios. Along with the new version of the viewer, a new unlimited license type was added. Using an updated licensing tool*, licensees can create their own licenses, foregoing further license costs. The new release is a free update to current licensees of the engine.

*: The updated licensing tool is currently in testing and will be available shortly.

fieldOfView has been involved in panoramic photography since 1996. Over the years, Aldo Hoeben of fieldOfView deployed several different viewing technologies, discovering the merits and limitations of each technology. With a steady development of mainstream computer graphics hardware and the arrival of broadband internet, the time to initiate new innovations in the field of panoramic imaging has come. In november 2004, fieldOfView released SPi-V, the first publically available, hardware accelerated panorama viewing engine for both the Windows and Mac OS X platform. For more information about fieldOfView or the SPi-V engine, please visit or contact Aldo Hoeben (