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Welcome to spv-dev

This is the developer's website for the SPi-V engine. This website contains documentation on how to use SPi-V, how to create content for it, etc. The website is also a means for fieldOfView to get feedback from content developers about the SPi-V engine features etc.

You can participate in the development of SPi-V by submitting comments to the information found on this website, but you will need to log in or create a new account. After registering, you can use the forum to make bug reports and feature requests.

SPi-V Dev quick start

For a quick guide on how to get the most out of the SPi-V dev website, have a look at the quick start guide.


Long posts on the front page may be truncated. Please look for 'read more' links at the bottom of frontpage posts, or you may not get the whole story.

SPi-V 1.4.10

Shockwave 11.5 available

Shockwave 11.5 is now available from adobe.com. In combination with SPi-V 1.4.9, this release improves text rendering quality on all platforms. It also seems to be a lot more stable on OS X than the first Shockwave 11 release.

Shockwave 11.5 can be downloaded here:

SPi-V 1.4.9

SPi-V 1.4.8

Licensing changes

Buying a license for SPi-V has just become more affordable, and more straightforward. From now on, only one type of license is available for purchase; the unlimited license now lets you create your own file licenses, your own domain licenses, and it can be installed on individual computers like the former machine licenses. The new license type also has a new price point, to reflect changes in the industry.

license tool 2.2

SPi-V 1.4.7

Shockwave 11 available

Shockwave 11 is now available from adobe.com. The release finally brings native support for Intel-based Macs.
Download Shockwave 11.

SPi-V dev updated

SPi-V dev has undergone a major update 'behind the scenes'. Some aspects of the site may behave strangely for the next couple of days, as I iron out the bugs introduced during the transition. Please report any strangeness here.

If you want to post a code snippet, please use a <code> tag instead of a <xml> tag from now on.

Scene switcher scriptlet added

I have added a scene switcher scriptlet to the downloads page. When added to a tour with multiple scene nodes, it will switch to a random scene after a period of 60 seconds (configurable by editing the script).

If you want to use the scene switcher with the saver scriptlet, I advise you (re-)download the saver scriptlet; I have uploaded an updated version which behaves nicer when switching scenes.