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SPi-V docs

The SPi-V viewer is configured through XML files. On these pages you will find documentation for the SPi-V XML format. The XML documentation consists of two parts:

  • 'How to ...' articles:
    A couple of short articles outlining how to use the nodes specified in the first parts to perform common tasks.
  • Node specification:
    A node-by-node rundown of the specification. In this section you can look up attribute definitions, valid values, settable properties etc.
  • API calls:
    An explanation of how to talk to SPi-V, either from an XML script or externally.
  • Downloads and demos:
    You can download the engine here, as well as a number of demos of how to use the engine. These demos are provided so you can learn by example.
Each page in this specification has room for comments. Please keep your comments on topic. You can comment on the structure and attributes of nodes etc, but please use the forum for submitting bugs in the SPi-V engine and for feature requests and discussion.