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SPi-V Timelapse


The timelapse extension to SPi-V allows you to use a series of images instead of a single image node for any panoelement/uielement in your scene. There's a configurable minimal time between frames, during which the viewer loads the next frame into video memory in chunks. If more time is needed than the minimal time, the pause will be longer. There's also a configurable 'fade' time between frames, once the next frame has loaded.

A new node type is introduced that only works in the timelapse extension.

The timelapse extension is meant to display a sequence of a 'handful' of images with a configurable pause. It is not meant to display panoramic video, and it is not suitable for large numbers of high resolution panoramas; the extension is limited by system memory.

View example


How to use

Embedding the timelapse viewer in HTML is similar to the normal viewer, see the included HTML file in the download. The timelapse viewer adds a new node-type to the SPi-V engine. This new nodetype needs to be properly namespaced, see the example XML file in the document.

Sample xml document

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<tour xmlns="http://www.fieldofview.com/namespace/spv-core"
  <scene id="timelapse_scene">
    <panoelement id="timelapse_pano">
      <spv_tl:image id="timelapse_image" src="frame01.jpg" frames="15"
        pause="1" fade="0.5" active="true"/>

The timelapse image node (spv_tl:image in this document) can be interchanged with the normal image/layer combination. Note there are no layers 'under' the spv_tl:image node.

Unique id to reference the object by.
Relative URL to the first frame of the series.
Total number of frames to load. Frames must be numbered sequentially, with padding '0' characters (eg frame01.jpg ... frame15.jpg in this example).
Minimal number of seconds between frames. Depending on image resolution and computer performance, this number may be exceeded.
defaults to 1
Number of seconds fading from one frame to the next, after the pause between frames. The total time a frame is visible is the pause between frame plus the fade time.
defaults to 1
Determines if the series is currently 'playing'.
defaults to 'true'
Fires when all frames have loaded.




  • 03-Jan-08: Fixed some memory and downloading issues
  • 18-Sep-07: Fixed problems with frame dependent texture scaling and centering in the browser
  • 23-Aug-07: Initial beta version

Re: Timelapse extension (example doesn't load)

Hi Aldo,

the example http://www.fieldofview.com/spv/show.php?dcr=timelapse.dcr&file=timelapse... doesn't work, Safari tells me that
couldn't be found on the server.


Re: Timelapse extension (example doesn't load)

The fact that default.xml is not found does not matter. What do you get, just a white screen? How about the downloadable version, does that work?

Re: Timelapse extension (example doesn't load)

Firefox misbehaved (a crash...) on my 10.3.9 but that might be due to some strange Java viewer I tried to load before. However Safari then only showed the SPi-V logo and the little splash screen in the upper left corner of the window. I'll try again...

Re: Timelapse extension (example doesn't load)

OK, still a white screen in Firefox with your fieldofview logo. If I click that the bottom part of the splash screen appears in the upper left corner of the browser window. Now if I try to close that window Firefox crashes.

Camino: also a white screen.

Now for the download version... it opens in Safari and nearly works: after the preview is gone I see only a few very blurred tiles. Oh, bad, this looks like my VRAM is not enough on this oldish Mac. Have to try it later on the newer one.


Re: Timelapse extension (example doesn't load)

It works nicely on a PowerMac G5 (OSX 10.4.10), only Firefox still quits when I close the window. That Mac uses the same Shockwave.bundle version (10.1) as my G4 (OSX 10.3.9) does.

I'm extremely happy with this timelapse extension since I will have a collection of about 52 suitable panoramas at the end of the year... :-)


Re: Timelapse extension (example doesn't load)

I have uploaded a new version of the extension that should work a lot better.

Two questions

1. Can I use timelapse extention in standalone viewer/director?
2. I have a background pano - can I "timelapse" panoelements over that background? (I was trying but panoelements were loading as pano instead of setting their types to flat).

Re: Two questions

1. Not at this time
2. That's the idea. I can not tell you what went wrong without seeing what you did/tried