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Using QTVR-Movies as image source

My favourite feature would be: Using QTVRs as sources.
H. Derschs Java-viewer can do that, so i think, it should basically be possible.


I can see how this feature would be helpfull...

Unfortunately, it will probably not be implemented anytime soon. SPi-V relies on Shockwave to import (graphic) files, and control over parsed files is a lot less that in java. This is a bit of a mixed blessing: on the one hand, I don't have to worry about parsing different file formats, but on the other hand there are things I just cannot do.

Sure, Shockwave can read Quicktime files, and I think I could rip tiles from the quicktime movie and reassemble those... However, this will require the end-user to have Quicktime installed. Kind of defeats the purpose.

But mayby I can devise a way to convert a QuicktimeVR file on the fly on the server?

Thank you

Thank you Aldo,

Your arguments are fully understood.
Your idea of using server-side conversion scripts is a interesting "half-way-through".
Maybe this could be done e.g. by using standard tools like PHP/Imagemagick...
...will try to find some informations on this ... ;-)


It is possible with PHP only

It is possible with PHP only (no Imagemagick required). This means it will also be relatively easy to port to other server-side languages such as asp and jsp.