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SPi-V turns 1

Today marks the one year anniversary of the initial release of SPi-V!

A year ago, SPi-V was the first publically available, cross platform, hardware accelerated panorama viewer. In it's first year SPi-V has matured thanks to your feedback as SPi-V developpers and panoramic photographers. The next release of the engine is only days away and brings many new features and improvements.

This event is cause for celebration ofcourse, and as a special thank you to the panoramic community, I will be giving away free domain licenses.

To apply for your domain license, leave a comment to this post tomorrow (wednesday november 23rd) between 20:00 CET to 21:00 CET. You'll have to sign up for an account on SPi-V dev if you don't have an account already. Don't forget to tell why you think SPi-V rocks, and on what domain you'ld want to use the license. One license only per user, and please allow a couple of days for delivery of your license...

Update: Total score is about 40 new licenses. I hope to see lots of new SPi-V content on these 40(ish) websites soon... Thanks all for your kind words and congratulations!

I'll be compiling a list of domains to create licenses for and mailing them out late this week or early next week (this will be a manual proces, so please allow for a couple of days).

Update 12-2: I sent out the licenses. Have fun!

how's that?

Hi, you posted this on 22 november, but to win a domain license we must post on october 22? Am I missing something, or is there a mistake? also the date of the release is 22 November 2004 isn't it?

If I'm wrong, sorry about that, but a spi-v free domain license would be very welcome :D I could use it on my own site, we allready have some panoramas but I'm planning on updating them in the next month or so (feel free to check our site www.gogopixel.pt).

Either way I'm a fan of spi-v and I think that your work is great keep it up :)

Likewise, a domain license

Likewise, a domain license would be great, but I'm also confused about the date!!

I'm working on integrating Spi-v as a viewer for my panoramas - I personally like the smooth movement + momentum, and I'm intrigued to try the more advanced features, such as HDR images...



I must have been partying to hard. The day to get your license is tomorrow, november 23rd. In my defense, I got the date and time url right, as well as the 'tomorrow' and 'wednesday' parts of the date correct...

Anyway, I am very sorry about the date confusion

Well, this is fun anyway!

Figuring out the time conversion so that I'm at my computer at the right time was a fun exercise!

Free domain license

Sorry if i do it wrong, but i'm not sure to exactly understand when i have to post this.
But i'm very impressed by your acceleration engine.
Particularary by an example of virtual gallery I've seen on the quicktimevr list a few weeks ago.

I try to understand how it was made (xml code is not my speciality, so i gave it to my associate, a web developper)

I wish have a license for my website www.pixel-propaganda.com
to show example of SPI-v panoramic to my client.

Thanks for all.
(sorry for the english, i'm french)

Eric Guichaoua

8 o'clock this evening

I'ld guess you live/work in France, given your french language. That would put you in the same time zone as the netherlands (which I am in).

So the correct period for you would be 8 till 9 this evening...

I did put in a handy overview of how late the party starts in the original post:

If you have a look at this page, you could for example look up Paris and see what time is next to it... You have a full hour from that time

domain license

Well, I'm also not sure about time when I should apply my comment to get the license :)

Will do it now and in 10 minutes.

I think hat SPi-V is great because it lets to implement unique features, not available in any other viewer. Hope to use it to my fun :)


Arghhh, now it's time to post...

Ok so now it's good at my computer clock.
Yes !
Now i have to go to work (yes, tonight, because panoramic hardware is expensive...)
So i will be happy to try the free licence of your engine.


RE: yes, i got the 20:00 !!!

Eric Guichaoua

Domain license

I'd like to get a domain license since SPi-V is closer to being there than any other technology.

My domain is www.montrosehillsystems.com

Thank you and happy birthday.


SPi-V licence

Aldo - what a great offer! I have done some QuickTime VR interactive development but I am only now starting to experiment with actually shooting my own panos, which I'd host on the following site:


The SPi-V engine turns heads as easily as it does panos. It is simply one of the best viewers out there - can't wait to see the new version.

License please

For www.virtualinteractive.co.uk

This is going to rock! Especially for compatibility - no more having to worry about Java, Quicktime, or ActiveX!

Many thanks!


One more time.

Well, I've seen a couple of samples with SPi-V engine, the only reason why I didn't dig deeper - the thin black lines on the pano. If they will be eliminated - I'm yours :)

The domain where I'm going to use it - pano.1drey.com

Thank you in advance!

Black lines fixed several beta versions ago


I'm excited by chance to make some day-hight pano as soon as possible!!!
It is one of the features I'm really hooked on!

Spi-V turns 1

Happy birthday Spi-V and long live to the most versatile of viewers... Kudos Aldo.


gefeliciteerd !

Hallo Aldo,
Spi-V is met afstand de soepelste vr engine! Zéér bedankt voor al je werk. Als ik een van de gelukkigen voor de gratis licentie ben, dan graag voor panoramaphoto.org

alvast bedankt

kees brandenburg

ps I hope this is not going to be the ultimate drupal crash test

Happy Birthday!

I've been using SPi-V as the panorama viewer on my personal website (http://grapefruitopia.com) for almost 7 months now, as I was getting more and more irritated by the clunky java based viewer I was using before - the shockwave implementation is far smoother and much more professional - so if I get a free license it'll make me even happier! Cheers guys :)


happy birthday spi-v & aldo!!!
in my personal opinion definetly the best viewer these days.
fullscreen in a smooth way which no other viewer is able to show and many, many great features are available, on my x-mas wishlist are some more, like streaming (mp3-) sound, wmv-support and other video codecs ,.. maybee it comes true in the future.

i bought a licence for www.serve-u.de some month ago. know i am interessted in a free licence for
|| www.berlinVR.de ||
which i want to use in a new project.

thanks a lot, aldo for this greate viewer and the the birthday offer.
usually the birthday person should get presents.
i hope i can give you something back with a good feature-rich spi-v presentation on berlinVR.de soon ;)
rock on! keep on the good work,

Spi-V turns 1

Happy birthday Spi-V and long live to the most versatile of viewers... Kudos Aldo.



CONGRATULATIONS ALDO!!! Greetings from Cracow.

Hello Aldo and all the panoramic community,

Congratulations for the SPi-V viewer!!!

You know why I am leaving my comment here.
I would like to get free domain licence for

www.kwiatek.krakow.pl and folders.

I would like you to visit my projects where I used SPi-V:

1) Virtual Tour of TU Dresden campus

2) Virtual Tour of Koniówka - small village in Poland - designed for lady from Chicago, who used to live there

3) Stereo-panorama in Cracow, Poland
(please use anaglyph glasses)

4) 2nd Stereo-panorama in Cracow, Poland
(please use anaglyph glasses)

Greetings from Cracow, Poland.

Karol Kwiatek

The Stereo Panoramas...

...are really neat!

Stereo panos?

Bernard - stereo panos on which site?

changed back to threaded display

During the giveaway, I switched the comments to a flat list to get a better view of the posts coming in chronologically. I switched them back, so you can see Bernhard reacted to Karol's links...

Nice work Karol!


Doh! One day I'll remember to hit Command-F to find things on a long page...

Just realised - sitting in Devon (UK), looking at a pano in Krakow (Poland), using red/blue glasses from Savannah (USA).

SPi-V license

Happy Birthday and Congratulations for your spiffy SPi-V!

What a wonderful gadget, both technically superior and charmingly aesthetic! Though just a new user, I already very much appreciate this viewer. Needless to say, I will be even happier to be among those lucky ones to embelish their websites with a free licensed version of it. Thank you for your great work and care!



Thank you for developing this fantastic piece of software!

I would like to use it on my upcoming website about Antwerp (Belgium) with lots of panoramic images!
The domain will be : http://www.vrantwerp.com/
Aldo, bedankt voor deze prachtige viewer!
Als de site rond Antwerpen klaar is neem ik zeker contact op.
Daarnaast ga ik binnenkort nog enkele vergelijkingen tussen viewers tonen op mijn blog : http://www.360sights.com/

Open for business

To clarify for one last time, you have just under an hour from 10 minutes ago.

free domain licenses

I have tried SPi-V, and I like the really smooth movement that it offers. I would like to use it for my work and especially to display samples in my website and have it available as an option for my customers. On:www.visualeyesations.com

Happy birthday

and many thanks for the good Tool and the great idea with the license.
Further so for the next 10 years:-)
Regards Andreas



Thanks for this free license (www.giorgiomarchetto.com), the viewer is very impressive about rendering quality and incredible fading and light adaptive effects, and much other.
The only bad point is that Shockwave player is not very popular on the web.
By the way, it's surely one of the best panorama player.


Spi_V anniversary


Check time: Ok!
Chek Date: Ok!

Here we go..

Congratulations. 1 year, and many more to come with this brilliant piece of software development work.
It is indeed a very power-full panoramic viewer You are offering for free this day..
Aldo - Yes please. A license for www.webfoto-interaktiv.dk

Thanks ;)
Birger Borgwardt.

Fieldofview strengthens the 360VRs market!


It feels very good to both, purchase the Feldofview license and to develop virtual tours and to advice my customers to use this viewer on its way up! The SPI-V engine is in continuous and customer aware development.

I am very happy to find many concepts which are quite understandable for me after my long and dedicated use of java PTViewer of prof Helmut Dersch, which logics I really admire.

Also in times of very large installation files for Java and Quick Time the Shockwave installation file of 1.8 Mbyte makes the SPI-V much more reliable.

I would like to use the licensed version at www.eurofresh.se where I have been intensively testing the unlicensed version of the SPI-V engine at www.eurofresh.se/test/shockwpanos.htm since June 2005.

I have been shared my experience here on this forum and will with pleasure do it in the future.

With best regrards
Jacek Gancarson

domain license for hotel360.de

Hello Aldo,

thank you very much for your great engine which made the visitors of our 360°-presentations happy over the last year because of its smooth & quick panning. And thanks also for the free domain licence for www.hotel360.de.



Hi Aldo,

First of all, congrats on your 1-year availability, but most of all on the evolvement of your viewer. I have always been impressed with the quality and smoothness of it. With all the issues now arising with the Java and Quicktime viewers and especially the impressive ADR possibilities of your viewer I have been meaning to add it (or replace) to my customer offerings. And now you are giving it away for free, it only makes me speed up things. Please accept my domain
for your offer.


SPi-V license

A SPi-V license would be great. It is really cool to view panos with SPi-V, can't wait for new features. It blows everything else out of the water.

My domain would be


Ron Rack
Cincinnati, USA


I hope I've got the right time now - see earlier post for comments on Spi-v - it's be great to have a license for panoptics.co.uk !

Keep up the good work,


Happy B-Day

been watching SPi-V for a while wanting to do animations like your examples.
hope that's coming soon. Done some in QT but just doesn't look the same as shockwave.
thanks for the free license for http://vr.haanhouse.com/

thanks again


Plugin looks very nice. keep up the good work Aldo.

I'd like to add some panoramas to www.junction10.net

thanks for the license!

Impressive panorama player.

I haven't used your player for any panorama yet as I am concernd with the lower user base for Shockwawe compared to Quicktime. Still, as it is a very impressive player, I would like a license for my own site to showcase the technology. (http://www.entanke.se/panorama/)

By the way, what is the price per license when you don't give it away. I looked at your site, but I couldn't find it.

/ Magnus

Happy Birthday!!!

I really like the SPi-V engine. After all that busload of problems with QuickTime 7 and JAVA, your viewer is a very great replacement for viewing panoramas. I like the possibility of adding interactivity easily and accomplish great results. We would like a license for www.atapuerca.org, our site. Thanks :-)

Hippo Barfday

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear SPiiiiiii-V,
happy birthday tooooo yooouuu!

Well done Aldo.

I would like a licence for www.ianjameswood.co.uk.


Free Domain License


Happy Anniversary!! And thank you so much for this opportunity. I have been fascinated by the possibilities provided by SPi-V, especially HDR and some of the other capabilities and look forward to the opportunity to experiment and use them in my panoramas. I'm working on setting up some samples to attract a clientele as well as to share with other pano-thusiasts. Please provide the license for the domain: www.zaveduk.com

Once again, my most sincere THANK YOU!

Victor Z

SPi-V turns 1

Thanks, great idea to get us to get our minds focused on Spi-V this way. I hope for a free licence.
I am new to the world of VR, and are slowly and labourously climbing the learning ladder.
I find the smoothness of Spi-V movement relaxing and enjoyable, gone are the step-by-step pano movement.
I have not startet my own domain, but plan to do so in January.
Keep up the good work!

SPi-V turns 1

Hey, Happy Birthday. I hope I have chimed in at the correct time to get a domain license. I am excited to use this technology on www.virtualantietam.com. SPi-V rocks because I wish to make panoramas that dissolve between Then and Now views of the battlefield and this is the techno-smooth-ology that will allow me to do it.

Stephen Recker

Happy Birthday

Hi Aldo,

i'm working with SPVi since 20 weeks and I really enjoy it. Really good work! It would be very nice if you include me in your birthday gift and send me a licence for www.panocity.com

Thank you a lot

Kindly Regards


Birfday! Birfday! Oh, what fun!

Congratulations on the first year. Good to have SPi-V as an alternative for interactive panorama viewing. When I finally get around to re-doing the pano portion of my site (evermore.com), I'd love to include SPi-V as an option.

I wish you continued success and look forward to trying out my SPi-V license!


Happy Birthday!

So here are my congratulations to you, Aldo!
I remember your wonderful presentation on the Stuttgart Panotools meeting and since then so many wonderful panoramas have been presented using this great viewer. I see I have to put some SPi-V content on my own site einem.net to persuade my clients to also use this viewer. It's just so smooooth! :-)
I want a license, please!


Happy Birthday Aldo (ahm - your viewer!)

...i hope i didn't miss the best of the party!? If not i'd be happy about a license for www.austria-360.at.

BTW: The first announcement on the Panotools-list was on 8th July 2005 14:25, the official one on 22th Nov. 2004 17:37. My first SPi-V pano was online at 21:17 - about 7h later :-)))

Spi-V is the most versatile, hardware-accelerated panorama viewer i am aware of - with the most immersive (look and) feel. And i still haven't explored all possibilities one year later.... :-)


free domain licenses

i´m very impressed of the SPI-V engine and i would like to use the license in my upcoming website http://www.180x360.com!

So i could make a public compaison between Quicktime and Spi-V to my Clients.

Thank you!
Lutz Schmidt

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday SPi-V!
I'm planning to use SPi-V in the re-design of my web site (www.brandonrowell.com) and a free license for it would be great! I've been using SPi-V (branded version) for presentations and local displays for about 9 months and love it. SPi-V has the smoothest, most pleasing display of all the viewers I've used. Can't wait for the next release!

Thanks Aldo!