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SPi-V dev updated

SPi-V dev has undergone a major update 'behind the scenes'. Some aspects of the site may behave strangely for the next couple of days, as I iron out the bugs introduced during the transition. Please report any strangeness here.

If you want to post a code snippet, please use a <code> tag instead of a <xml> tag from now on.

Re: SPi-V dev updated

I found some strange behaviors:

1. remember me doesn't work (or work strange)
2. http://www.fieldofview.com/spv-dev/ finds out that I'm logged in, but when I select recent posts I'm not logged, and when I try to log in from tracker, "You are not authorized to view this page." shows.

Re: SPi-V dev updated

What browser are you using?

Re: SPi-V dev updated


Re: SPi-V dev updated

'Remember me' should work as a 'keep me logged in' function. IE: it does not remember the name and password you fill in (your browser could be doing that for you), but it stores a cookie on your system so you stay logged in (more persistent than before). For some actions on the site, you may still have to confirm it's really you, using your name and password.

I think I may have fixed the issue you had with being logged in and getting access denied issues. In doing so, I had to clear all the current 'persistent logins', so you will have to log in again. Please report if you still get those errors logging in...

Re: SPi-V dev updated

Now everything works fine, when I see some strange thins, I'ii post them here

Re: SPi-V dev updated

removed the 'Remember me' option as it was causing some more issues.