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Welcome to spv-dev

This is the developer's website for the SPi-V engine. This website contains documentation on how to use SPi-V, how to create content for it, etc. The website is also a means for fieldOfView to get feedback from content developers about the SPi-V engine features etc.

You can participate in the development of SPi-V by submitting comments to the information found on this website, but you will need to log in or create a new account. After registering, you can use the forum to make bug reports and feature requests.

SPi-V Dev quick start

For a quick guide on how to get the most out of the SPi-V dev website, have a look at the quick start guide.


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SPi-V 1.4.6

Director 11 announced

Adobe has announced Director 11:

The release of Shockwave 11, with native support for Mac Intel machines, should be imminent.

SPi-V 1.4.5

SPi-V 1.4.4

SPi-V 1.4.3

license tool 2.1

Important note about SPi-V 1.4.2 and file/unlimted licenses

This morning I posted SPi-V 1.4.2 in a bit of a hurry. I forgot to add a note that file license created for previous versions of SPi-V (either as single licenses or with an unlimited license) may not work in SPi-V 1.4.2.

Unfortunately there was a bug in SPi-V 1.3.12 and newer that caused some file licenses not to work cross platform (ie: a file licensed ordered on a windows machine might not work on a mac). This has been fixed in SPi-V 1.4.2, but unfortunately it meant that I had to break current file licenses.

SPi-V 1.4.2

SPi-V 1.4.1

SPi-V 1.4