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Welcome to spv-dev

This is the developer's website for the SPi-V engine. This website contains documentation on how to use SPi-V, how to create content for it, etc. The website is also a means for fieldOfView to get feedback from content developers about the SPi-V engine features etc.

You can participate in the development of SPi-V by submitting comments to the information found on this website, but you will need to log in or create a new account. After registering, you can use the forum to make bug reports and feature requests.

SPi-V Dev quick start

For a quick guide on how to get the most out of the SPi-V dev website, have a look at the quick start guide.


Long posts on the front page may be truncated. Please look for 'read more' links at the bottom of frontpage posts, or you may not get the whole story.

SPi-V 1.4 beta 1

SPi-V 1.3.12

SPi-V 1.4 beta delayed

I am delaying the first beta of the 1.4 branch by a couple of days, because I have decided to replace the sound 'engine'. The release will probably still be out this week.

license tool 2.0

SPi-V 1.3.11

Spotter 1.1

Spotter 1.1 beta

SPi-V 1.3.10

Website update

In order to build a defence against the recent spam attacks, the spv-dev site has been updated to a newer version of Drupal. Apart from security updates, there are some minor usability improvements as well.

The update seems to be succesful, but there's always a chance you find a bug in the site. If so, let me know in the site feedback forum.

SPi-V 1.3.9