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Welcome to spv-dev

This is the developer's website for the SPi-V engine. This website contains documentation on how to use SPi-V, how to create content for it, etc. The website is also a means for fieldOfView to get feedback from content developers about the SPi-V engine features etc.

You can participate in the development of SPi-V by submitting comments to the information found on this website, but you will need to log in or create a new account. After registering, you can use the forum to make bug reports and feature requests.

SPi-V Dev quick start

For a quick guide on how to get the most out of the SPi-V dev website, have a look at the quick start guide.


Long posts on the front page may be truncated. Please look for 'read more' links at the bottom of frontpage posts, or you may not get the whole story.

SPi-V 1.3.8

SPi-V tools for Flickr

Flickr, the Web2.0 photo sharing community, has a small but loyal following of SPi-V in the equirectangular group. They are using SPi-V to display their panoramas, directly off the fieldOfView site.

There's now a dedicated viewer to explore panoramas posted on the Flickr service: http://www.fieldofview.com/flickr

VTour and SPi-V3d

REALVIZ and fieldOfView jointly announce the immediate availability of updated versions of VTour and SPi-V 3d.

VTour uses image based modeling techniques to create 3d models from panoramic images. VTour exports scenes as linear animation, or as a interactive experience using SPi-V 3d.

The SPi-V 3d viewer extends the SPi-V engine to display the 3d scenes generated by VTour. The extension was developed specifically for the VTour application in close cooperation with REALVIZ.

Executable viewer 1.1

SPi-V 1.3.7

SPi-V on Intel Macs

Shockwave is not yet fully compatible with Intel Macs, so neither is SPi-V. With default settings, Shockwave content can not be run in browsers that run natively on Intel Macs. However, it is possible to let a 'universal binary' run in Rosetta translation mode, reenabling Shockwave (and other plugins that are not yet running natively on Intel Macs).

For more information, see this blogpost:

QTVR parser 1.0.1

Firefox 1.5 issues

The 1.3 release was delayed because there seemed to be compatibility issues with the latest release of the Mozilla Firefox browser (version 1.5).

After trying to reproduce the issues, I found out that the issue is with the combination of Shockwave and Firefox 1.5, or probably with Firefox 1.5 and plugins in general. Depending on the system locale settings, SPi-V may behave strangely in Firefox 1.5, but not in other systems. This is likely to be a Firefox bug, but since Firefox 1.5 has seems to have numerous issues with plugins

SPi-V 1.3

SPi-V turns 1

Today marks the one year anniversary of the initial release of SPi-V!

A year ago, SPi-V was the first publically available, cross platform, hardware accelerated panorama viewer. In it's first year SPi-V has matured thanks to your feedback as SPi-V developpers and panoramic photographers. The next release of the engine is only days away and brings many new features and improvements.

This event is cause for celebration ofcourse, and as a special thank you to the panoramic community, I will be giving away free domain licenses.

To apply for your domain license, leave a comment to this post tomorrow (wednesday november 23rd) between 20:00 CET to 21:00 CET. You'll have to sign up for an account on SPi-V dev if you don't have an account already. Don't forget to tell why you think SPi-V rocks, and on what domain you'ld want to use the license. One license only per user, and please allow a couple of days for delivery of your license...