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Welcome to spv-dev

This is the developer's website for the SPi-V engine. This website contains documentation on how to use SPi-V, how to create content for it, etc. The website is also a means for fieldOfView to get feedback from content developers about the SPi-V engine features etc.

You can participate in the development of SPi-V by submitting comments to the information found on this website, but you will need to log in or create a new account. After registering, you can use the forum to make bug reports and feature requests.

SPi-V Dev quick start

For a quick guide on how to get the most out of the SPi-V dev website, have a look at the quick start guide.


Long posts on the front page may be truncated. Please look for 'read more' links at the bottom of frontpage posts, or you may not get the whole story.

SPi-V is public!

It is with great pride that fieldOfView announces the public availability of SPi-V.

Read the press release.

The website changed to reflect a new focus on the SPi-V engine with new demos and a page on licensing information.

To be honest, I don't fully expect things to go smooth the first round; We're still seeing 'lines' or 'seams' on some systems, and faces that 'don't gel right' on others. What I hope will happen though is that this place gets a bit more busy, so we can go ahead and gather some more information about specific issues, find more bugs to fix, etc.

fieldOfView welcomes Sedona!

Welcome attendees of the IQTVRA Summit in Sedona.

SPi-V dev, the content developer site for the SPi-V Shockwave Panorama Viewer engine, is your portal to the SPi-V documentation and includes a forum to discuss SPi-V features, your work, etc.

When browsing the current site, you will see a lot of references to beta. SPi-V is only just coming out of beta, and the developer's website is up for an update. This update will take place in the next few days/weeks. New demos, the latest node specifications and howto articles will be posted soon.

MacOS X native viewer now available

The MacOS X version of the native viewer I promised before is now available from the downloads page. For now it requires a beta version of the Shockwave player, which is publically available from Macromedia; some critical bugs were fixed in this new release, and the viewer will not work with an older plugin version. Note that the Windows version does not require this beta version, any version 10 release will do for the Windows version.

OS X standalone viewer

The OS X native version of the standalone viewer that is already available for Windows is basically done. I am waiting for a go ahead from macromedia, since it uses some files that I can not release yet.

Initial testing is very promising; performance is good on well-equiped hardware (Macs that just barely run Panther are using up some resources SPi-V needs as well), and stability is great! Hopefully, the Shockwave plugin will one day be as stable (or is it Safari that makes it instable?).

On a related note, could anyone on a Mac confirm my problems with the zip-archives available on the downloads page?

Ain't it SPi-V?

I am publically announcing a preview tour of SPi-V. This weekend I will kick off the tour in Stuttgart at the second annual Panotools meeting. I am currently working very hard to get some more demos done to be showing at the meeting. I will probably post them after the weekend, once I get some more hosting space...

soon in a browser (or standalone executable ;-) near you:
<signal> nodes!