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SPi-V 1.3.1

  • Worked around most of the Firefox 1.5 issues
  • Improved support for preview layers
  • Fixed bug with cameralimits not setting proper fovmax attribute for vfov limited scenes.
  • Misc extensibility changes

SPi-V 1.3

  • Fixed black lines/seams issue
  • Fixed Safari offset (webkit build 416.11 and newer)
  • Fixed UI elements may disappear on ATI graphics cards
  • Fixed UI element top line
  • Added template for simple mode (default.xml)
  • Added right mouse button zoom
  • Added cursor key pan/tilt
  • Added early error debug window
  • Added start up with empty scene
  • Added control antialiasing for pano- and uielements
  • Changed ramp behavior
  • Fixed metering
  • UI elements can now be metered
  • Added background image
  • Added build/destroy api
  • Changed simple flat layer handling ('imagezoom')
  • Fixed better handling of cameralimits
  • Added ready event for (pano/ui) element
  • Added Flash Local Connection object/API
  • Fixed LDM stability and performance
  • Changed licensing wording

for more info see this post

SPi-V 1.3 rc5

  • Fixes an incompatibility with Shockwave 8.5 (I hope)

SPi-V 1.3 rc4

  • Metering panoelements was broken in rc3

SPi-V 1.3 rc3

  • Meter can now also meter ui groups
  • Meter attributes can now be set using setProperty
  • Color attribute of a layer is now dynamically settable (if the layer is marked dynamic)

SPi-V 1.3 rc2

  • Fixed bug with certain small sizes of layers
  • Fixed bug where fov could get stuck at low value after viewing a flat image
  • Added enter, leave, press and release events to panogroup and uigroup nodes (for groups with 'active' objects in them)

SPi-V 1.3 rc1

  • fixed subsequent roll/tilt bug
  • uigroup 'rotation', 'visible' properties settable
  • panogroup 'visible' settable
  • 'zorder' property settable for uigroup, uielement, panogroup and panoelement

SPi-V 1.3 beta 10

  • Minor fix to be fully compatible with Webkit 416.11 and above.
    No more 3d offset bug!

  • Preliminary support for preview layers

SPi-V 1.3 beta 9

  • Fixes last of the seams issues (I hope); flickering pixels
    The background of the engine is no longer cleared on redrawing. Any remaining stray pixels will now remain unchanged, so you no longer see the background color.*
  • Adds background image when loading scene
    Akin to quicktime's grey panorama grid, but different)
  • Changes the way 'flat' images are handled in simple mode.
    Try throwing a non-panoramic image on the SPi-V standalone viewer... 'Flat' images are now displayed as low fov images, effectively making the SPi-V engine a nice zooming image viewer.

*: This is quite a big change, and will cause some content to look odd... A semi-transparent (ui or pano) element that is over a part of the scene that is not covered by an underlying element will seemingly lose its transparency, as it gets drawn over itself repeatedly. This is most notable with partial panoramas, or scenes with scenes with incorrectly set cameralimits.

SPi-V 1.3 beta 8

  • Fixes compatibility issues with some of the scriptlets.
    The saver scriptlet (and the toolbar) should now work with both 1.2.x and 1.3 beta of the viewer. Both the saver and toolbar scriptlets were updated, so if you intend to use these scriptlets with the beta, download them from the downloads page.