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Licensing the SPi-V engine

The new SPi-V engine was written from the ground up to allow panoramic photographers to use the engine, taking advantage over the diverse unique features of SPi-V.

Photographers and content developers are free to use a free version of SPi-V. If you use some of the more advanced features of SPi-V, the free version will include some fieldOfView branding. Branding free versions are available for license.

SPi-V license tool

To help you place an order for a SPi-V license, fieldOfView has created the SPi-V license tool. The SPi-V license tool is available for Windows and Mac OS X, and like the SPi-V engine itself requires the Macromedia Shockwave plugin.

  Windows Mac OS X
License Tool ~1.1 Mb ~900 Kb

Download SPi-V

The free version of the SPi-V engine is available for download in the downloads section of the SPi-V dev website, along with a host of demo content. The demo content is provided for educational purposes. We encourage you to evaluate the engine and use the free version as often and long as you wish.

license description price
free Free to use version. When using advanced SPi-V features (using xml files or SPi-V extensions), this version includes fieldOfView branding. 0,-
licensed Allows the full use of SPi-V in any circumstances, including most SPi-V extensions, without fieldOfView branding. 49,-
*: Prices in EUR, VAT may apply to residents of the EU.